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So at the top where force is high and velocity is low, it is considered maximal strength.As you work down the graph, strength-speed is next.(Despite this powerlifting emphasis, the average guy under his tutelage puts on 30 to 40 pounds in the first year.) In Dave's last article he taught you the art of box squatting.This time he'll introduce you to another Westside favorite, the use of bands and chains while benching and squatting. This is an extremely advanced method of training and should only be used by those who are familiar with Westside methodology.

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As you continue down the graph, it becomes speed-strength and finishes with speed, where force is at its lowest and velocity is at its highest.

Exercise equipment may also include such wearable items as proper footgear, gloves, and hydration packs.

Dave's been assisting and training under Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell fame for over 10 years and has consulted thousands of athletes throughout the world.

Several people have asked why you would ever need the band pegs or chains to do your everyday squat or bench.

In this post, I cover what accommodating resistance is and the benefits of using this form of training.