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When their lives seem to align, they confide in each other about their most inner thoughts and when life pulls them in opposite directions, letters arrive around the holidays only.In a taut 90 minutes, the play's journey is vast and often intentionally disjointed, but there is fun in trying to piece together the story happening in between the arrival of the next letter.Storytelling is theatre in its' purest form, but a story can often become secondary or lost when faced with spectacle. Gurney cleverly uses the word "love" in the title in order to trick the audience into projecting their definition of love onto the plays only characters, Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, before the show even begins.In a culture where overproduced mega musicals dominate the box office, it is refreshing to see A. Gurney's "Love Letters," a delightful bare bones, two person play with a single focus on human relationships. I walked in with the ill-conceived notion that the story would be a "remember when" play about a life spent as husband and wife.HOLLYWOOD legends Ali Mac Graw and Ryan O’Neal are coming to the Alhambra in a UK tour of Love Letters.The actors, who shot to fame in Love Story, star in AR Gurney’s romance about first loves and second chances, heading here following a Broadway run and sell-out US Tour.But alas, the fates intercede in this too perfect union, providing a tragic and an unhappy ending.Indeed, there are plenty of Kleenex moments in this film as the likeable and quick-witted Jenny is stricken with an unnamed cancer or leukemia, eventually succumbing to the disease in a heart-wrenching hospital scene one cold winter’s night.

According to the Associated Press, the pair returned to speak on campus and reflect on their long careers, arriving in an antique MG convertible similar to the one featured in the film.Millions succumbed to the spell, in print and on screen. The story’s success marks one of those moments in popular culture when a simple love story sweeps through society as something of a gale force phenomenon, often to the disdain of more highbrow literary and film critics.What follows here is a recounting of the began its journey with a somewhat unlikely creator – a Yale University classics professor named Erich Segal.He recently battled leukemia, which he says is now in remission.He also alluded to the death of his longtime companion, actress Farrah Fawcett, who died of cancer in 2009.