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But it was during those months in Atlanta, when his latest and most serious project to date, The Lost Sounds, was going through a particularly nasty break-up, that he turned his attention toward the solo career that would find him flirting with the mainstream for a time before his tragic passing.

Lindsey's connection to Atlanta dates back to a night in 2004, in a Memphis warehouse space.

Jay [eventually] got my number somehow and called me asking for my address to send me some posters for a show.

Then, his story changed to him coming to stay with me in Atlanta cause he wanted a break from Memphis.

The film screened February 28th in Atlanta and began its first theatrical run on March 2nd, hitting several U. The liner notes of his 2006 album, , read in part, "Recorded July – December 2005 at Carbonas Headquarters (Atlanta GA)…Mixed at The Die Slaughter Apt." The final credit in the brief thank-you section goes to "Atlanta folks." Lindsey first started recording his feral punk rock at the age of 15, and by the time was released, he had been doing it under more than half a dozen different band names, co-founding a pair of record labels and touring Europe in the process.

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Pé, who spent his early twenties buying alcohol for his then-underage future band-mates, dropped out of school and accepted the band's offer.

They slowly built a fanbase that appreciated their rough pastiche of blues, rock, doo-wop, country, and punk.