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Under the current proposals we see the Government's preferred mechanism for delivering these outcomes – "student choice" – as an extremely risky and irresponsible experiment. Glynn Dr Julia Goedecke Professor Simon Goldhill Mr Martin Golding David Goode Professor Michael J. Lewis Dr Conrad Leyser Mrs Henrietta Leyser Professor David J. Limebeer, MA, Ph D, DSc, FREng, FIEEE Dr David Lincicum Dr Paul Lodge Dr L. Morgan Dr Llewelyn Morgan Dr Teresa Morgan Dr Carolyn Morningstar Katherine Morris Boris Motik, dr. Powell Dr Jonathan Prag Professor Sir Curtis Price Mr Nicholas Purcell, FBA Dr Diane Purkiss Dr Josephine Crawley Quinn Mr David Raeburn Joshua Randall Professor Sarah E. D, FRHist S Marine Roussillon Lucinda Rumsey Dr Richard Rutherford Professor Alan Ryan Dr Cressida Ryan Dr Reena Sastri Mr A. Treisman Dr Emily Troscianko Dr Kate Tunstall Dr Marion Turner Dr Christopher Tyerman Dr Tobias Uller Dr Henriette van der Blom Professor Alain Viala Professor Heather Viles Professor Angela Vincent, FMed Sci Professor Annette Volfing Dr Josephine von Zitzewitz Dr Jake Wadham Professor Keith Ward, FBA Professor Alan Ware Dr Caroline Warman Professor Ralph Wedgwood Joanna Weinberg Professor Martin L. Litt., FBA Stephanie West Dr Mary Whitby Dr Tim Whitmarsh Professor Richard Whittington Professor Chris Wickham Dr Stuart Wigby Professor Andreas Willi Dr Abigail Williams Dr Claire Williams Mr Gavin Williams Dr Hannah Williams Dr James Williams Seán Williams Dr Stephen G.“The people of Wagga deserve more than small slices of city-based services.” A crowd gathered outside the former Care West office on Fitzmaurice Street on Monday to celebrate the launch of the new service.We write as 681 deeply concerned academics working in both Oxford and Cambridge. D, FMed Sci, FRS Revd Dr Jeremy Morris Ruth Mugford Dr Craig Muldrew Dr Kevin Musselman Mr Robert Myhill Dr Ayesha Nathoo Dr Yael Navaro-Yashin Professor Robert Neild Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh Jane Nolan, Ph. Plaisted Grant Professor Christopher Prendergast Dr Andrew Preston Dr Claire Preston Professor Michael Proctor, FRS Mr J. Prynne Dr Sadiah Qureshi Dr Robert Ralley Dr Adam Ramadan Dr Gabriela Ramos Dr Roland E. Burd Dr Theresa Burt de Perera Dr Ben Burton Dr Jonathan Burton Professor Christopher Butler Dr Sandie Byrne Dame Fiona Caldicott Professor Terence Cave Andrea Cerase Dr Tak Wing Chan Mindy Chen-Wishart Dr William Child Professor Eric Clarke, FBA Professor Craig Clunas, FBA Dr Juan-Carlos Conde Professor Thomas Corsten Dr Cathryn Costello Sir David Cox, FRS Dr Tony Cox Professor John Creaser Professor Roger Crisp Professor Jonathan Cross Professor Valentine Cunningham Dr Bruno Currie Dr Alexandra da Costa Dr Patricia Daley Dr Armand D'Angour Dr Inge Daniels Professor Roger Davies Professor Marian Dawkins Dr Xon de Ros Dr Jan-Georg Deutsch Dr Martina Di Simplicio Professor Graeme B.It appears to rest on no more than an article of faith – a belief in the absolute wisdom of the market. Lonsdale Dr Charlie Louth Professor Vaughan Lowe, QC Nikolaj Lubecker Dr Daniel Lunn Dr Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe Professor Ernesto Macaro, Ph D Professor Diarmaid Mac Culloch, DD, FBA Dr Fiona Macintosh Professor Laurie Maguire Professor Martin Maiden, BSc, MA, Ph D, FRCPath Professor Martin Maiden, FBA Dr Rachel Mairs Dr Francesco Manzini Professor Laura Marcus Dr Sophie Marnette Mr Kyle Martin Manon Mathias Dr Thibaut Maus de Rolley Dr David Maw Dr James Mc Bain Dr Ciara Mc Cabe Dr Kate Mc Clune Peter Mc Cullough Dr Peter Mc Donald Professor Martin Mc Laughlin Dr John Mc Tague Dr Michèle Mendelssohn Dr A. Merchant Dr Quentin Miller Dr George Molyneaux Professor A. Bidders from around the world set three Australia Wagyu records at the highly anticipated Elite Wagyu Sale in Albury on Wednesday.