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You would be swept off your feet right after you walked in due to a strong current that passes the island on the north coast Boka Kokolishi Also situated on the North Coast, Boka Kokolishi is not suited for swimming, but it is a beautiful place to hike along the rugged shoreline with its typical round shaped pools made of lava stone. Bachelor Beach Just a few hundres yards south of Playa Mangel is a staircase that leads to a thin strip of sand and a really great place fo a swim.

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Many of the larger fish species abound, and there is a chance to see rays and Garden Eels in the sandy bottom. Pink Beach A great place to snorkel, picnic or scuba dive. The flamingo pink bus stops here every day, based on a schedule posted in hotels and dive stores and from a.m.

Playa Funchi Lying on the Westernmost tip of the island, Playa Fuchi is definitely worth visiting when you want to see iguana's and lizards that roam around freely.