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Ash snipes at her not bothering to show up when John died. At the beginning, it was mortifying, but it became more. Cane and Lily drive around, gabbing about food and celebrating her success. Cane and Lily bump into Jordan and Hilary in the hotel lobby. When he and Victoria arrive outside, she tells him she booked a trip for them and the kids in San Diego. After they awkwardly say goodnight, he enters his room and finds Phyllis in his bed. The ladies discuss Sharon’s work for the crisis hotline. He insists there is nothing for her to worry about and fills her in on his new job.

He’s been impressed by how she handled things with Bella and Kevin. She’ll be at the Club if he wants to make it up to her. They recall their last trip to the city and have dinner as the sun goes down. She’s realized she doesn’t have real problems compared to everyone else. She shows him some gruesome images from a sex trafficking ring.

'” “Well, no, I have a full-on boyfriend,” Dina corrects herself. Yes, we live together and he's great.” The star says she and businessman Dave Cantin have been together about a year now. “We met through a pediatric cancer event, and he made a very generous donation,” Dina recalls.

“You know, he knew the way to my heart.” Dina is the founder of Project Ladybug, a non-profit which helps children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. I kind of want to tell a lot of women out there who are going through -- especially over 40 -- divorce, it's like, don't force it.

Now she has her boyfriend, I have my girlfriend we've moved on with our lives." While Manzo appears to be quite happy on the west coast, and often shared photos with her fans on Instagram, a source claimed to Daily Mail Online that Manzo's relationship with Cantin has been financially motivating. He flies out to be with her and stays at her place and she goes back and forth between California and New Jersey a lot to see him.“I'm not gonna lie, it was my divorce,” she confesses.“I wanted to run as far away as possible from what was going on, and my daughter was in college, and I was like, 'OK, I can pick up my animals and go anywhere I want.' And I did.” WATCH: Andy Cohen Opens Up About Teresa Giudice’s RHONJ Return Dina returned to the Bravo series for its sixth season after abruptly exiting the show in season two. Andy [Cohen] and I talked for a minute about me coming back, and how that would be possible.” Dina considered filming a cameo for season seven, but it just didn’t work out.In LA, Cane and Lily are being smarmy and flirty on the hotel roof. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy discuss the commercial. She feels like a ‘fuddy-duddy’ but he admires how organized she is. They go up to the roof, chat about her moving, and make out a bit. Back inside, Phyllis arrives at reception and asks for a key to Billy’s room. Inside, Hilary finalizes her interviews on the phone.