Leonardo dicaprio and lindsay lohan dating

(2) Paris Hilton couldn’t find her 0,000 after-party dress. After it was over, Paris wanted to slip into something more comfortable — and she was seen climbing a steep driveway from the auction tent to the hotel lobby, with her gown hiked up around her. (3) “The Hunger Games” cast are shameless karaoke singers.At the “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” party, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were roped off in the VIP section.Bear in mind this is just a report of the incident, and reps for both Bloom and Bieber have refused to comment, but it sure is juicy.Lindsay Lohan hung out with friends at Voyeur in West Hollywood Thursday night, later heading to a house party at baseball player Brian Wilson's Hollywood Hills home.

A source told the that Bloom was dining with Leonardo Di Caprio that night, and when Bieber approached Bloom’s table apparently Di Caprio made an attempt to shoo him away.The report came from an unreliable source and didn't get much attention. Lukas Haas: In 2009, Lindsay reportedly hung out with Leonardo Di Caprio and his best friend Lukas Haas at Voyeur (are you sensing a pattern? Rumors circulated that she might be dating Leo, to which Lohan apparently told Gossip Cop, "Hahahaha. Then, in 2010, they may have been spotted at club Voyeur together. You couldn't be more wrong." No one asked about Leonardo's best friend. (a "photographer-turned-entrepreneur") both attended a retrospective for painter Richard Hambleton in 2011. On Howard Stern's radio show in 2006, Wilmer discussed their sex life in great detail.