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A team composed of Waseda University students visited the United States in 1905 as the first Japanese baseball team to play in the U. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan and the U. It has played an important role in deepening the mutual understanding between the two peoples.

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In NBC's The Virginian, he played the mistaken orphan whose father was an outlaw played by Rory Calhoun who was still alive and recently released from prison looking for his son.

Baseball demands its players to be in top-notch shape.

They run, catch and throw, which means most practices are a full body workout.

He played Peter Hall in the 1963 episode "Everybody Knows You Left Me" on the NBC medical drama about psychiatry The Eleventh Hour.

In 1964, he guest-starred in "Nemesis", an episode of the popular ABC series The Fugitive in which, as the son of police Lt.