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The 5-year-old refuses to talk with the friend and angrily storms off to play on the jungle gym with someone else.The bewildered child with the pail and shovel may feel confused, rejected, and may not understand why they can’t share.A lot of guys are unhappy with the size of their manhood.Consider this: In an online survey of nearly 26,000 straight men, 45 percent reported being dissatisfied with their penises.The conclusions of a new study published in the journal are likely to comfort many men.It turns out that women’s preferred penis size is actually pretty close to average.Facebook Marketing Partners is a global community of companies known for excellence on the platform.As a partner you’re vetted according to what you do best, helping to create better client matches.

We started our website in March 1996 as a hobby, mostly as a way to meet other married and single swingers online.Unsurprisingly, almost all of these guys wished they were bigger.It is very rare for men to worry that they might be too large—in fact, just two-tenths of one percent of men from this survey wished that their longfellows were less, um, long. Research suggests that much of it stems from guys thinking that women prefer bigger penises than they really do.And with marketing and development support from Facebook, you have an even better way to grow your business.As a part of Facebook Marketing Partners, you can: Marketers can find you with a few clicks in our interactive matching tool.