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But last month, he invited me to Cupertino in Silicon Valley where Apple is based, for his first in-depth interview since he became head of design almost 20 years ago. But just after 10AM, an Apple tech-head appeared in an all-white meeting room on the first floor of building 4 of the firm’s antiseptic headquarters with strict instructions to find an Earl Grey tea bag. Thanks for coming,” grins Ive, as he rolls in, picking up his brew.Ive is the most unremarkable remarkable person you could meet.Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN Messenger, has been discontinued by Microsoft in 2013.It has been officially shut down on October 31st, 2014.I found it difficult to hear what customers were saying, and the word 'pardon' became my mantra.

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.He likes the idea of this interview series because he sees himself as more of a maker than a designer. You understand a product if you understand how it’s made,” he says.“I want to know what things are for, how they work, what they can or should be made of, before I even begin to think what they should look like. There is a resurgence of the idea of craft.” Ive has been a maker ever since he could wield a screwdriver.The sound levels at the gig were too much for most of the fans; people were leaving in droves, but I stayed on.That night, I left the venue with my ears ringing and it took more than a week for the ringing to diminish.