Speed dating hong kong forum

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Doing the rounds today on Reddit, Facebook and the Twittersphere is a bizarre ad for a local dating event tonight… (With that latter event, I imagine there’d be a very heavy bias towards ‘go speed dating’).

Being outdoors with me and keeping fit is a huge plus.

Getting to know my family, friends, and having family values are extremely important.

Just like to hear your comments if you don't mind?

not really 10 guys, as I didn't choose many guys. However I already chose those not good looking but friendly, thinking the hit rate be higher..And I bumped into a guy who I met once on a blind date....

those guys are not good looking all of them H K Lady I've never been to a speed date, but can imagine how you feel if there's 10 guys and not one picked you. As not to encourage anyone, I’ve filled this under the ‘Possibly Racist‘ tag as opposed to ‘Events‘.) “.In 2009, in sadder times, I had a first-and-final foray into speed dating ‘for research purposes’.Communication, honesty, and compromise are deal breakers for me. As there are 10 guys there, no single one chose me, esp.