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The mission of the Department of Specialized Ministries is to facilitate the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of the church family in order to carry out God’s principles, so that the body of Christ might be nurtured and sustained in daily life; and to foster a creative environment in which to minister to special needs and interests.

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36 Flees Damascus because of persecution; visits Jerusalem and meets with the apostles 36–44 Preaches in Tarsus and surrounding region 44–46 Invited by Barnabas to teach in Antioch 46 With Barnabas visits Jerusalem to bring a famine relief offering 47–48 First missionary journey with Barnabas, to Cyprus and Galatia 49 At the Council of Jerusalem, Paul argues successfully that Gentile Christians need not follow Jewish law; returns to Antioch; confronts Peter over question of Jewish law 49–52 Second missionary journey with Silas, through Asia Minor and Greece; settles in Corinth; writes letters to Thessalonians 52 Visits Jerusalem and Antioch briefly; begins third missionary journey 52–55 Stays in Ephesus; writes the letters to Galatians and Corinthians 55–57 Travels through Greece and possibly Illyricum (modern Yugoslavia); writes letter to Romans 57–59 Returns to Jerusalem and arrested; imprisoned at Caesarea 59–60 Appears before Festus and appeals to Caesar; voyage to Rome 60–62 Under house arrest at Rome; writes letters to Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon 62–64 Released; journeys to Spain?

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30–33 Persecutes followers of Jesus of Nazareth in Jerusalem and Judea c.

20–30 Studies Torah in Jerusalem with Gamaliel; becomes a Pharisee c.