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It was created by Irna Phillips along with William J.

Bell, and was produced by Procter & Gamble Productions at NBC Studios, 1268 East 14th Street in Brooklyn.

At the time of writing, it’s sitting on just over 97,000 views—which would likely have been crowded out of the top five, if not the top 10, on a busier day.

Even so, since the revival’s viral beginnings during the lead-up to last year’s election—when the cast re-united for a mystery project that turned out to be a pro-Hillary Clinton video—this revival has amassed impressive buzz.

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The second Catwoman, Holly Robinson, was a lesbian.It was the first soap to launch two spin-offs, Somerset and Texas, as well as an indirect one, Lovers and Friends, which would be renamed For Richer, For Poorer.Another World was also the first soap opera with a theme song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, "(You Take Me Away To) Another World" by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris, in 1987.revival coming to NBC this fall, some reprieve has arrived—in the form of a brief teaser starring all four returning original cast members, mugging for the camera once more before taking their seats in their respective director’s chairs.The clip, which launched on July 4, is currently No.