Tyler perry dating janet jackson

Not that she needs it—she can handle whatever comes her way, and she has.

But when I see what she’s been through, it makes me want to intervene in any way I can.”All of which explains how they came to work together on their latest movie, For Colored Girls.

“I have no clue why,” she says, “but maybe sometimes when there’s someone you don’t hear from, it’s the person you want to hear from the most.” She’s learned a lot in these past weeks.

“I always wanted to have my mother’s [Katherine Jackson] strength, but I didn’t know if it was really there.

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In fact, she was in the middle of filming Why Did I Get Married Too with him in Atlanta when her mentor, idol, and older brother Michael died from an alleged drug overdose.

Perry is known for his black romantic comedies and critics doubt the filmmaker's writing skills are sharp enough for such a poignant drama.

The film is an adaptation of Ntozake Shange's award-winning Broadway play .

And I thought it was wise for me to speak out now because it needs to be addressed." "To be honest with you, I didn't know," he continues.

"I was under the impression that there was no baby, and I wanted to believe it's not true.