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He begins in the rural "Darkness", a world of landlord and peasant.

And when he escapes to the "Light" of the cities, it is into a world of servants and masters.

Some exercises are primarily breath oriented; others are very quiet and meditative, while some are focused on stretching and limbering.

But the unifying element of all qigong practices is that they are all dedicated to enhancing the life force (chi) for health, healing and kung fu training for self defense.

His mother might have named him, but she was too busy dying of TB.

Balram begins at the very bottom, without so much as a name; his family call him only "Munna", or "boy".

Since joining the Mighty Avengers, Ava and Victor bonded tremendously, together they discovered two new abilities to fuse her White Tiger God based powers and his chi manipulation.

The first being him able to move chi from people within their area into Ava creating a White Tiger made out of chi.

Qigong includes gentle forms of exercise suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels including those with disabilities.

Many scientific studies have been conducted which demonstrate the wonderful health benefits of qigong.